Meet the Blogger: Daria

By Daria-Yvonne Graham

Do you have a friend that you call when you have questions about software, computers, the internet or your recently purchased piece of hardware?  For my friends and colleagues, I am that person.  While I do not have any formalized training in the areas of technology, tech toys and software have always come pretty easy to me.  I see things as puzzles, and technology is no different.  I have a lot of space for figuring out the complex or convoluted and enjoy when I get to do that with soft- and hardware.

My interest in technology surfaced from a bit of a selfish place.  For as long as I can remember I have loved efficiency.  The desire is not to cut corners, but instead to do my best in the smartest way I can.  Whether it is through a widget, plug in, application, or a new gadget, my hope is to make work…even life simpler.  From IBM computers and word processors to pocket pcs and ereaders I have always wanted the latest to see what (not if  there were) ways I can do the things that I have to get done.   From electronic grocery lists on my Blackberry that I can text to my partner to note-taking software on my iPad to replace the overstuffed binder in meetings, the goal has been to streamline.

My professional journey is colorful in that I came to higher education after some time working in the banking industry, working with people with mental and physical disabilities, and teaching high school all before settling in an entry level position in housing at my alma mater.  In our housing department was where I first began to work on websites and I also helped implement an automated housing assignment software.  From housing I moved to an assistant director position in the student union with part of my job responsibilities set around the use of technology.  In my current position of associate director for the Office of Multicultural Affairs, I still maintain our website and support the department in issues of technology and software.

The toys that are in my purse today...

I am often in conversations of how to balance my roles in life – professional, mother, spouse, daughter – with who I aspire to be as a woman.  I understand and celebrate that I am more than what I do and who I am to others.  My hope is to be a woman who is whole, healthy (that’s a journey and another blog), and pursuing those things that feed my soul.  By spending time talking technology, I am blessed to incorporate those things I love with those things that call to me everyday.  Thank you for allowing me to do that in this space.

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  • Stephanie Wintling

    Glad to know someone else’s purse has as much random gadgets in it as mine!!

    • Daria

      Stephanie, I feel bare without my toys! =o)

      • brendabethman

        Somehow I’m guessing all of our bags look like that. I know mine does, too! 😉

  • LaRita

    u r such a tech geek. way more than me. LOL!

  • Daria

    @LaRita – at least mention we’re friends so people don’t think you’re being mean! *wink*