Where are You in Your Priorities

By Daria-Yvonne Graham

After having children I began looking at things in life in the context of  meeting their needs and providing for them. For instance, if there was something I wanted to purchase I would compare the cost and importance to our expenditures for them. For example, I wouldn’t purchase a $50 pair of shoes because that was the equivalent of two cans of formula. In the same vein, I was further motivated to hunt for and become an avid user of coupons adopting a rule to never pay full price… or as much as I could help it. However, I realized for the past two years I’ve been guilty of what many women are, not just in higher education: not taking care of myself.

As I can now admit my negligence, I have decided to embark on a path to a better me. In order to not be overwhelmed and eventually stall, I have identified a checklist of specifics. The familiar exercise regiment and change of eating habits are accompanied with a list of items to update in my wardrobe and keeping up with my personal health.

Although technology is not the focus of this post, my iPod (for working out) and my iPad (streamlining, maintaining lists and budgets) will definitely be helpful in what is a life change. Do you struggle with keeping yourself on your list of priorities? What software do you find helpful in time and life management?