You’re a Feminist If….

By Brenda Bethman

This week’s Blog Prompt Monday focuses on something that we don’t always write about here at Student Affairs Women Talk Tech, but that nonetheless is a major reason for our existence (at least I think so — if my fellow bloggers disagree, we can hash it out in the comments), namely feminism.

Kristen and I definitely had a feminist purpose in starting this blog: to make it impossible to overlook the presence of women working with technology in student affairs. While it may not always be explicitly stated, that feminist foundation supports every post I write. So, without further ado, here are the reasons you might be a feminist (even if you think you’re not):

  • You believe in equal pay for equal work;
  • You believe in women’s right to autonomy over their bodies;
  • You believe that girls can be good at math and boys can be good at nuturing;
  • You don’t believe that women give up their right to self-determination when they get married;
  • You understand that sexism doesn’t operate alone, and that the struggle for women’s rights is also a struggle against racism, heterosexism, homophobia, etc.;
  • You understand that sexism harms men and boys as much as it harms women and girls (albeit in different ways);
  • You believe that wearing short skirts is NOT an excuse for rape.

Those are just a few examples. For more see the Feminist Coming Out Day site. Personally, I am a feminist because — well, because I do not understand how one could NOT be a feminist. How does one look at the whole of human history and not see that women have often gotten the short end of the stick just because they’re women? How can that be fair and just?

What about you? Do you identify as a feminist? If so, why? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Eric Grospitch

    Well said Dr. B! Thanks for sharing

  • Eric Stoller

    Great post! And, as someone who identifies as a feminist, I appreciate this post because it really needed to be written. There are so many awesome #SAtech women leaders and I am glad that this blog exists. Why do I identify as a feminist? It’s the only way that I know how to be. Dismantling oppression, fighting injustice and teaching community is a way of being. It’s at my core.

  • Brenda Bethman

    Thanks, Eric & Eric, for reading and supporting SA Women Talk Tech and feminism. We appreciate you both!