Best Practices for Your Cell Phone Battery

Are you that person at a conference who walks in to a room and instantly looks for a place to charge your phone? Or perhaps you are the individual sitting on the floor in a hallway charging your phone in the only outlet you could find? Well we here at Student Affairs Women Talk Tech want you to do better this conference season. Here are some tips on conserving your cell phone battery.

  1. Don’t Do Anything Fun – games, music, YouTube, camera, no animation for your background screens, turn vibrate off, turn off any additional noises like keypad noises, turn off all those notifications for your apps, don’t use applications you don’t need to….if it’s fun don’t use it.
  2. Turn Off Anything You Don’t Need – Bluetooth, GPS, Wifi, Infrared, 3G.
  3. Turn Off Push for E-Mails – turn off the setting to automatically get your e-mails on your phone. Instead set it up to manually check your e-mail when you click the e-mail icon.
  4. Turn Down the Brightness of Your Screen & Backlight – If you really want to save battery make your screen black and use the black screen google website for web searches .
  5. Don’t Let Your Phone Die – each battery has a limited number of charges and letting your phone die before you charge will start using up your amounts of charges faster than if you charge before it dies.
  6. If You Don’t Have Signal or Bad Signal Turn Your Phone Off – your battery will quickly drain if you are sitting in a room with no signal because your phone will spend the whole time searching for signal so turn your phone off or put it in airplane mode.
  7. Avoid Heat – your pocket is not the best place for your phone because heat next to a battery depletes it of its charge. A battery needs a cool environment to get the most out of it so avoid leaving your phone in the sun or exposed to any heat producing environments like your body heat.
  8. Buy a Backup Plan – you can get an extra battery, a solar charger or a case that contains an extra charge in it for your phone. This is for those people who can’t live without their e-mail, tweet incessantly, and need their Words with Friends notifications as soon as possible. 

Droid users I highly recommend these articles on specific things you can do with your phone:,2817,2367542,00.asp &

iPhone ios5 users check out this article for more specific tips: 

If you don’t know how to do any of the following tips on your phone I highly suggest googling for your phone, like this: “How do I turn off vibrate for a Blackberry?”

Share your tips in the comments & share this blog post with anyone you see sitting on the floor next to an outlet.

  • Sarah Mudd

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