Highlighting Women in Technology and Student Affairs

by Kristen Abell

This is a feature of the semi-new schedule on our blog that is probably my favorite. I love getting to read about other women in technology and student affairs, and I believe it’s good for our community to see that there are lots of us out there. And while there are still plenty more to highlight, I did just want to take today’s post to acknowledge some very special, very dear to me, and pioneer women in technology and student affairs: our bloggers.

From day one, when Brenda and I threw this idea out into the interwebs, to either take root or disappear into oblivion, we have had a great response from these women. Whether it’s coming up with ideas for posts, increasing their post frequency for our new-ish schedule, returning as guest bloggers, or staying up until the wee hours of the morning to create fabulous infographics, these women are committed and dedicated to this blog.

And not just the blog – when we have had requests for presentations or podcasts, they’ve jumped at the chance to share their stories and expertise. Each one of them has amazing information and experience to share.

Need I even mention that these women truly make geek chic?

So for this post, I want to highlight the bloggers – without whom this blog would not be possible. With whom, we continue to pave the way for women in student affairs who also want to explore technology. And for whom I want to hold a big ol’ party some day.

You ladies rock my world.

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  • http://twitter.com/stephwint stephwint

    You rock too Kristen, I truly look up to you and Brenda and appreciate this blog so much!