Introducing the #SATech Chat!

The #SATech Chat will take place on Wednesdays, from 2 – 3 p.m. CST on Twitter starting next Wednesday, May 9th!

A few weeks ago, Joe Sabado tweeted about the idea of having a weekly #SATech Chat as a place for weekly discussions around student affairs and technology. Given the interest and discussions seen on Twitter and on blogs on these topics, he was a little surprised a weekly chat hadn’t happened sooner. Even as a student affairs IT professional who works with technology all day, every day, he felt he had a lot to learn and is constantly searching for ideas and perspectives on how technology can be better utilized.

So after he chatted it up with a few more folks to see what interest was out there and recruited co-moderator Kristen Abell, the #SATech Chat was born!

So what exactly is the #SATech Chat? Well, it’s a little bit of a lot of things. We’ll be talking about the latest trends in student affairs and technology, new products and practices, and answering questions. We hope to have a variety of guests join us for different chats to talk about their experiences and ideas for technology moving forward. (Wanna be a guest? Email us at Most importantly, we’ll be talking about how technology has changed and continues to change our work in the field of student affairs.

Join us next Wednesday, May 9th, from 2 – 3 CST on Twitter to talk to Matt Brinton, NASPA Technology KC Chair-Elect, to talk about the future of the Technology KC and higher ed. Can’t wait to chat!

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  • Eric Stoller

    Woohoo! This is exciting stuff. May 9th is my birthday, so I will probably not be able to participate. However, I will definitely plan on being there for future #SAtech chats. Game on!

    • Kristen Abell

      Whatever, slacker :-). Sorry you will miss the first one, but we’ll look forward to hearing from you on future chats!

  • Lisa Endersby

    I’m excited to see this getting off the ground. I won’t be able to attend the first chat (something about a meeting) but I’m looking forward to seeing this grow and be awesome. High five!

    • Kristen Abell

      Can’t wait to have you join us, Lisa – you got a few mentions today :-).

  • Ardith L. Feroglia

    Consider me pumped! Not sure how active I’ll be in live chats, given I’m a full-time employee now, but I’ll see what I can do. Excited to see how this all unfolds.

    • Kristen Abell

      Looking forward to hearing from you – even if you just have time to lurk :-).

  • Ryan B.

    This is awesome! I am planning to do my thesis on the role of Social Media in Higher Education. More specifically looking at how practitioners are using it for professional development.

    • Kristen Abell

      Sounds interesting – let me know if you ever want to chat!