Where did the summer go?

by Colleen Riggle

I know I am not alone when I question where the summer went.  Colleagues across campus and other Institutions equally have questioned the speediness of summer this year.  We are in the midst of orientations and in the final days of summer we are approaching the start of classes in less than two weeks!

But I have been enjoying the Olympics over the past week!  Did you catch the Opening Ceremony last week?  What did you think about it over?  While the opinions across the board have been mixed I have loved being able to catch many of the sports!

Olympic Fountains
Do you have a favorite?  Personally, I love the swimming, gymnastics and track and field events! I am just in awe of what those athletes are able to achieve, especially the World Records in time, medals and breaking the standards of gender and race!

How has technology enhanced and or changed your Olympics experiences?  I know for one DVR has been essential in just being able to VIEW the various sports, but I’ve heard some critique about seeing who has won what medals because of social networking updates.  But overall, I am continually impressed how we are able to keep up, watch and network with friends and family across the world in the spirit of what brings us all together through sports!

As summer comes to a close for many of us, I hope that you’ve been able to find a little time to relax and enjoy time away from the office!

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